Experience the gentle power and all natural benefits of CBD and essential oil infused topicals.

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Choose from CBD-infused skin renewal and soothing salves and sprays, our post-workout muscle soothing spray, nourishing CBD lip balms, body butters, therapeutic roller bottle blends, and more.


“I can’t rave enough about the Skin Renew salve! Since I turned 40ish my skin just started to be a disaster.. Red face, dry cracking skin, breakouts, I tried EVERYTHING! Changed my diet, stopped caffeine, alcohol, sugar etc… It would get a bit better, but monthly I would have terrible breakouts. This went on for about 6 years — I avoided getting my pictures taken and hid my face. Then Kristi made my magic skin renew salve. At first I used it up to 5 times a day. After 6 months I only use it 2 times a day, and recently had professional portraits taken of my family and I. Thank you for giving me back my self confidence!!

-Liessa Nye

“I have found tremendous relief for my aging joint discomfort with the Soothing Salve. I have tried so many products and nothing helped. When I first used the Soothing Salve, it proved effective within minutes.”

-Shaun Englert