Help your horses feel and act their best with our specially formulated full-spectrum CBD tinctures and CBD liniment sprays.  Available soon: CBD Poultice Mudd!  





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CBD has been known to help animals, in the same way, it helps humans, and horses are no exception. CBD can help calm & alleviate anxious emotions, tendon, ligament, muscle and joint discomfort and swelling, and aide in calming digestive issues your horse may experience.

Therapeutic Naturals CBD products for horses are Full Spectrum CBD products enhanced with added terpenes; increasing the benefits of relieving discomfort and swelling, and enhancing the natural calming benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD.

Our horse care products also include the natural wellness benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils and all of our horse care products are safe, all-natural, and are highly effective. Each batch of our CBD for Horses Tinctures are independent laboratory tested for potency and purity, as is all of our Full Spectrum CBD that is used in our liniment products.  

Your horse can benefit from the calming and soothing health benefits of CBD.

Due to their large size, it’s not uncommon for horses to experience chronic discomfort and a host of other physical wellness issues. CBD can help to safely and naturally provide relief of a large variety of symptoms without the negative impacts and effects that prescription medications can cause.

CBD can be used to aid your horse with:

  • General Anxiousness
  • Competition Anxiousness
  • Transportation
  • Muscle Aches & Discomfort
  • Tendon, Ligament & Joint discomfort
  • Training aid
  • Farrier work, Grooming and body clipping
  • Digestive Wellness


“Kristi has done such a great job formulating her products.”

-Janet Sally